Explore The New Rules of Reality In New Research Report from We Are Pi and TEDxAmsterdam.

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December 2023, Amsterdam based Creative Innovation Consultancy, We Are Pi, has teamed up with TEDxAmsterdam to create The New Rules of Reality research report, available to download free.

The cultural research report is a result We Are Pi's research and strategy team sitting down with TEDx Amsterdam 2023 speakers active in various industries to explore the shift from one-sided perspectives to a more open-minded understanding on diverse realities.

Encouraging a shift from one-sided views to a more open-minded understanding of diverse realities, this NSR issue explores why multiple realities are a source of optimism, and not fear.

The problem is that people view other realities as a threat to their own. How we see it is that welcoming multiple realities gives us the empathy the world desperately needs.   Kyle Fiore, Head of Strategy, We Are Pi

The report is based on in-depth interviews with leading cultural voices;

Friendred Peng, a computational artist, reshapes our art experiences by revealing how technology and the arts intersect. In his TEDx talk, he explores how technology is transforming our art experiences and the power of performative interaction in evoking collective emotions.

Ma’MaQueen, a diversity advocate, uses inclusive children’s books to champion representation and inclusivity. In her TEDx talk, Ma’MaQueen delves into her journey of creating an alter ego, showcasing drag as a tool for selfexpression and empowerment.

Robin Pocornie, a student in neuro and computer sciences, exposes hidden biases in technology. In her TEDx talk, she reveals the reality of bias in AI, sharing practical insights on fighting discrimination.

Fonger Ypma, a cleantech entrepreneur, turns the urgency of Arctic Sea Ice decline into a mission for global change. In his TEDx talk, Fonger shares his innovative solution to preserve Arctic ice and counteract the impacts of global warming.

Milio van de Kamp, a sociologist and university lecturer, sheds light on the lived reality of class inequality, drawing from personal experiences and contributing valuable insights for a more equitable educational landscape.

About NSR

NSR is a research platform exploring the changing rules of society. If you want to better understand these changes and do something about them, then get in touch with Alex@wearepi.com

About TEDxAmsterdam

TEDx Amsterdam serves as a platform for impactful ideas, fostering connections and shared solutions. This year’s theme, ‘reality,’ inspires reflection on how we perceive and shape the world around us.


Agency - We Are Pi

Client - TEDxAmsterdam Foundation

Special thanks - TEDxAmsterdam Board Member & Program Curator Eke Bon and TEDx speakers Friendred Peng, Ma’MaQueen, Fonger Ypma, Robin Pocornie, Milio van de Kamp

About WE ARE Pi

We Are Pi is an award winning Creative Innovation Consultancy that partners with clients to build brands worthy of thriving in changing times by initiating transformation programs. We Are Pi Client partners include Nike, Heineken, Uber, Diageo and Virgin. We Are Pi was named Small Agency of the Year 2018, 2019 and 2020 by Creative Pool and Ad Age.

We Are Pi cultural research platform, New Society Rules, helps brands navigate cultural change. We Are Pi content arm, Pi Studios, produces ground breaking stories about cultural change. We Are Pi is proud sponsor of OUTO, Black Strat and Plus Plus One.

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