'BlackStrat' collective aims to bring more black talent into strategy

The online community launches with 100 international members 

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London, 10th May, Black Strat launches as an international online community for Black strategy professionals, with the aim of diversifying the historically elitist strategy discipline. 

The community soft launched on Whatsapp in 2020 and has since grown to 100 members. Black Strat is focused on exchanging resources, inspiration and mentorship to elevate Black Strategists on a journey towards excellence. 

Often the only ‘one’ with a seat at the table - the community is designed to give Black Strategists their own table, creating a space where there wasn’t one previously.

Black Strat is also launching a series of community member talks featuring speakers including We Are Pi strategist Paris Bethel, McCann London head of Strategy Rob Scotland and others. 

Black Strat has evolved with community input and participation. The branding was made by We Are Pi led by Alex Bennett Grant, Paris Bethel & Seth Josephs. The web design is by Tarik Fontenelle of OnRoad

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Ayo Fagbemi, Black Strat Founder says, “I started this group last year after working on a project where we were talking about the fact that if you can’t see it, you can’t be it. At that moment I thought to myself I don’t know any strategists at a senior level that looked like me. Starting with a WhatsApp that had three people to one that snowballed to a group of 90 members, with seniors & juniors as well as people trying to get a foot in the industry. I guess in short the aim is for this group to be more visible to encourage more black strategists to join a discipline that we all know can be very closed off & elitist. We can’t wait to open some doors for people & showcase the amazing talent we have in our group” 

“Black Strat has been invaluable to me in 3 key ways. Firstly, providing a sense of community in a profession where seeing other people of colour isn't as frequent as in should be. Secondly that the solidarity formed amongst strategic peers creates a comradeship and confidence which makes dealing with the underlying trauma of race much easier to navigate. And lastly, that there are daily opportunities to share best practices and resources, advise and learn from others - hopefully making it easier as a group for black professionals in advertising to succeed.”

- Rob Scotland, Head of Strategy, McCann London

"The strongest communities are rooted in empathy and a will to drive positive change for all its people. There's something very empowering and humbling about being part of a community that not only understands you but wants to see you thrive. That's what I love about this group, everybody understands our purpose is to lift each other up and push forward".

- Ibtisam Omer, Director of Marketing, MUBI

"The industry has quite a lot of networks and clubs, though the representation of the members is even less diverse than within agencies themselves.  Knowing the power of networks in giving support and granting access, gives a clear vision of what the benefit of a Black Strategist network can deliver for the individuals, the clients and the agencies they work for."

- Dino Myers - Lamptey, Founder, The Barber Shop

“What I love about Black Strat is that it started with a group of people, coming together to push each other and pull each other up. There is no hidden agenda, it’s not just for show, it’s organic and it’s real. It came about in a time where white privilege is on the forefront of people’s minds but it’s not focused on that, it’s focused on giving black people a platform to share, be acknowledged, to learn and to grow.”

- Ren Balogun, Something More Near

"12 months ago there was no home for Black Strategists. Most of us had no idea there were 'others' out there. Today the community is over 100 international people which is mind blowing and amazing. The best part for me so far has been the sense of collective energy and community, which is why we stepped up to create the branding. I hope we've created a brand that becomes a recognisable place for Black Strategists to get together and grow together."

- Alex Bennett Grant, Founder and CEO, We Are Pi.



We are a members collective and community of creative black Strategists. We exist to uplift black people interested and working in strategy – today and for future generations.

Black Strat is an international online community focused on exchanging resources and inspiration that further elevate each other in our own journey towards excellence. 

Often the only ‘one’ with a seat at the table - we’ve built our own table, creating a space for us where there wasn’t one previously.

Our principles

Collective Power - We don’t believe in hierarchy. We are a decentralised platform that has many leaders and bringing many differing points of view to the table. 

Be More Wrong - We encourage radical openness to debate ideas, perspectives and experiences.

Supporting Black Professionals  - We aim to highlight and promote the business of Black people whenever possible.

Code of Conduct

We are a members collective and community of creative black Strategists. We exist to uplift black people interested and working in strategy – today and for future generations.

This page provides guidance as to how we move as Black Strat members in our online spaces.

- Exchange opportunities

- Seek collaborations

- Share knowledge

- Connect with like-minded people

- Inform others about relevant events and news

- Hold a concise, intelligent debate on issues relevant to our community

- Offer and ask for support and advice

- Advocate for change and take action

We are respectful of each other’s views and backgrounds; there is no space in the group for hate, -isms or -phobias.

We do not share screenshots of group chats or member’s personal details (including names and phone numbers) outside of Black Strat.

We are generous and reciprocal so if you give to the group, please ensure you also reach out for help when needed. And if you take from the group, please ensure you contribute and help others.

The space is not for:

- Sharing negative energy, negative news stories or laughing at black or brown pain and trauma

- Calling/DM'ing people inappropriately

- Spam

- Holding lengthy one to one conversations in the main group (please always take to DM when relevant)

For more information on Black Strat, visit our homepage or if you have any questions, reach out to us on email. 


Website: http://blackstrat.co/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blackstratco/ 

Email: blackstratco@gmail.com

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