Kids coding find it’s musical swagger

Kids coding finds it’s musical swagger in new Osmo US holiday campaign by WE ARE Pi

Kids coding finds it’s musical swagger Tangible Play Inc. launches “Osmo Coding Jam” Holiday ’17 campaign created by Amsterdam based Ideas Company WE ARE Pi

AMSTERDAM, 23 October 2017 - This week sees the launch of the Osmo ‘Coding Jam’ Holiday 2017 campaign. The US holiday TV and social media campaign introduces new children to Osmo and inspire them to code their own jams to unlock an awesome of world of music with friends.

This fresh and energising campaign brings to life Osmo’s uniquely fun and entertaining play on and off the screen – supporting Tangible Play’s vision of being a modern solution to a modern problem of children’s device addiction. Though a range of educational toys, Osmo products gives children control and builds confidence – empowering them to explore and learn on their own.

The Holiday ‘17 campaign captures the true character of an unconventional little star. It isn’t just about cuteness or an awesome performance, but about bravery and unlocking a spirit to be your creative self. It’s a ‘this is who I am’ manifesto in dance. The playing of a self-created Coding Jam track kicks off the dance and provides the quirky music coded by a young girl, Osmo’s core consumer target for Coding Jam. Osmo’s educational iPad game features as a key part of the action, as the source of the spark between two kids unlocking their true selves.

Coding Jam marks the first time physical coding creates a musical output, infusing a deeper creativity into computer science by encouraging open-ended play and experimentation for kids. We wanted to make a campaign that was just as bold, which is why we called WE ARE PI. - Jerome Scholler, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Alex Bennett Grant, Head of Strategy at WE ARE Pi says: “The Osmo Coding Jam campaign bottles the magic of modern childhood, from a brand that champions diversity, education and a healthy relationship between kids and device.”

Barney Hobson, ECD at WE ARE Pi says: “It’s great to be involved with a brand that champions playful coding for both girls and boys, by using tangible coding blocks to make block rockin’ beats.”

About Osmo

Founded in 2014 by Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler, Osmo, an educational gaming company, is using its proprietary reflective artificial intelligence, to fuse physical play with digital engagement. It allows any object ­ tiles, pen & paper, blocks, toys, you name it, to interact with the iPad. This hands ­on play promotes creativity, problem solving and social interaction. Osmo is using the screen to create a new healthy, hands-­on learning experience. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. For more information, visit:

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